SW900 and S830 User Manual

SW900 & S830 LCD Display Manual

Menu Operation

Hold the M button pressed for 5-6 seconds to turn the LCD Display On and Off.

Press and hold the UP and DOWN arrows at the same time for about 5-6 seconds to enter configuration menu. Parameter P01 will show up on the screen below in the speed section. Parameter value will be present the odometer section.

Use Up and DOWN arrows to change value.

Short press M button to navigate between parameters (P01-P16).

Press and hold the UP and DOWN arrows at the same time for about 5-6 seconds to exit configuration menu

After 10 seconds of inactivity, configuration will automatically be saved and exited.


P01 Back light Brightness
1-3, Higher is brighter.
Brightness of the display in low light (night).

P02 Unit of Measurement
0 for Kilometers, 1 for Miles
Sets the displayed unit of measurement for odometer and speed.

P03 Battery/Controller Voltage
24/36/48/52/60/72 volts.
Sets battery voltage. This should match the output of your battery. Used to calibrate battery level indicator.

P04 Inactivity Timeout
0-60 minutes, 0 disables inactivity timeout.
Automatically sets display/controller to sleep after a given time of inactivity.

P05 PAS Levels
0 or 1
0 = 3 Levels, 1 = 5 Levels

Sets of the number of Pedal Assist System (PAS) levels available. More levels = finer control over amount of assistance given by the motor.

P06 Wheel Size
Diameter In Inches, Precision 0.1
Sets the wheel size of the bicycle in inches. Correct wheel size is required for accurate speed and odometer function.

P07 Motor Speed Magnet Type
Set to 47 for direct drive motor, 100 for geared motors. Some brands may require 86 instead of 100 for their geared motors.

P08 Speed Limiter
0-100 km/h, 100 for unlimited
Shuts off motor when the speed exceeds above set limit. This parameter's value is always in km/h, so a mph limit must first be converted to km/h first!

P09 Throttle Response
0 for instant throttle, 1 for delayed throttle
Sets whether pressing throttle and motor beginning to spin is instant, or whether there is a delay between the actions.

P10 Throttle Mode
0 = PAS Only, 1 = Throttle Only, 2 = Both PAS and Throttle
Sets which sensors are used for throttle control.

P11 PAS Sensitivity
1-24, Higher = more sensitive
Sets how sensitive PAS is to movement of the pedals.

P12 PAS Start Strength
0-5, Higher = more assistance
Amount of assistance given when you start pedaling.

P13 PAS Magnet Type
5, 8, 12. Determined by magnets (dots) on PAS ring.
Sets PAS ring magnet type as determined by the number of magnets on the ring.

P14 Controller Current Limit
1-20 Amps, some versions of sw900/controller allow higher values.
Sets the current (amp) limit of your controller. Setting this value to something higher than your controller or motor can handle may cause damage!

P15 Not Implemented
This parameter is unused

P16 Odometer (ODO) Reset
Press and hold UP button for 5 seconds to reset ODO counter to zero.
Some controllers may not support this feature.