How to fix ebike LCD Display incorrect speed reading problem?

Follow the steps below in case you have inaccurate speed reading present on your ebike LCD Display:

1. Check the LCD Display settings. Make sure that motor magnet number is set correctly. In SW900 and S830 Displays it's P07.

Motor magnet numbers may vary depending on motor brand and type. For example it's usually 100 and 86 for geared motors while it's 47 for almost all the direct drive motors.

2. Set wheel size correctly. Again it's P06 in SW900 and S830 Displays.

Setting the "Exact" wheel size not always a solution, unfortunately. You should set the "Correct" size for the motor. For example, for 26" wheels you may need to try couple of wheel sizes between 26" and 28". On the other hand it's usually 29" for for 700C and 29" wheels.

By the way, speed reading inaccuracy problem mostly seen in geared motors. Direct Drive motors almost never have such a problem.


How to calculate Electric Bike Mileage?

Let’s calculate Bike Mileage Range with a 36v 10AH Battery.:

A 36V 10AH battery has 360 Watt Hours. (36V x 10AH = 360W Hours). Roughly 20W (Watts) = around 1 mile, which means, 360W/20 = 18 miles.