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How to troubleshoot ebike Problems

Electric bikes or ebike conversion kits consist of small but essential parts like controller, display, throttle, pedal assist sensor, battery etc.

What if one of these parts is not working properly or you are not able to turn your ebike on at all?

To turn the LCD Displays on, press and hold the “M” button for a couple of seconds. If there is still no power to the display then you should start with the battery as well as all the connectors. Make sure that the battery is fully charged and has enough voltage.

  1. Ensure that the battery On/Off switch is turned on.
  2. Battery plug or connection may be damaged or loose. Make sure that the battery prongs line up properly. The male and female prongs should have a positive connection.
  3. Battery may be drained to the end level.
  4. Check the battery connector on the controller.

Finally, make sure that there is no blown fuse in the battery itself.  

What if you already have power but the bike still does not move even when there is no error code or brake sign on the screen?

Some ebike controllers may have a throttle operating system that depends on the PAS level. Which means both Pedal Assist and Throttle are deactivated when PAS level is set to “0”. Simply bring the PAS level to 1 or any higher number using the UP arrow to activate the throttle.

Another reason may be the LCD display parameters set incorrectly. Revise and set the parameters (especially P07) according to the User Manual provided by the manufacturer.

Check Brake Levers. 

Ensure that the brake levers with the cut off switch are not engaged. Disconnect the brake levers and test the throttle again.

If your bike has waterproof connectors, push them in all the way firmly in order to ensure contact and prevent any water getting through.

What if there is an error code on the LCD Display screen?

Depends on the error code present on the screen. You may want to look at the user manual provided by the manufacturer or supplier in order to understand what each error code stands for.

For example error code 08 stands for throttle problem. Make sure it’s connected to the right connector. Then check the throttle connection and ensure that there is no loose or damaged connection. 

Cycle Analyst.

Sometimes, Cycle Analyst.may also cause system failure for some reason. Just disconnect it temporarily and test your bike again.. 

Motor makes a strange noise.

No need to panic, probably this is not the hub motor. Most of the time it happens because of faulty controller or bad controller wire connection. A faulty controller affects the current flow that causes some strange noises.

We hope this article will help you to troubleshoot some common ebike issues. 
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