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Electric bike connector types

Choosing the right connector type is a critical decision especially if you are new to ebikes.

Basically, all  the ebike components orbit around the controller, that means, component connector types depend on what connector type your controller has or is compatible with. 

The components of an electric bicycle such as throttle, motor, display, brake levers and pedal assist system (PAS) come with a certain type connector. The regular, non waterproof connectors are attached directly to an ebike controller while waterproof conversion kits or electric bikes require 1T4 main harness cable, which makes the process much easier and user friendly at the same time. 

There are two the most common ebike connector types in the market:
  • Non Waterproof JST-SM Connectors.
  • ebike JST-SM Connector

    As mentioned above, this connector type is not waterproof. The connector is available from 2 to 8 pins depending on the component. But, it does not mean that all the JST-SM Connectors are standardized and always compatible with each other. For example some controllers may have 4 or 6 pin display connectors while most of the controllers in the market come with 5 pin LED/ LCD display connector. So, this important detail is another point you should pay attention to when choosing a display or controller for your ebike. 

  • Molex / Spade
  • ebike molex connector

    These large white motor hall sensor connectors are commonly used in Chinese ebikes, ebike conversion kits, and scooters. 


    Waterproof Julet Type / HiGo Connectors.


    These connectors consist of 2 main cables. 

    1. 9 pin motor connector that connects the motor to the controller.


    1. 8 pin 1T4 (means that the cable splits into 4 connectors) main harness cable where components (brake levers, throttle, and display) are attached to. 

    ebike 1T4 harness cable waterproof

    The controller with Julet type connector usually come with 5 connectors:
    1. Power/ Battery Connector (Red and Black).
    2. 9 pin Motor Connector.
    3. 8 pin 1T4 Main Harness / Signal Connector.
    4. Pedal Assist (PAS) Connector (Orange).
    5. Headlight Connector (Red).

    ebike Waterproof Controller

    Julet Z916 Motor Plugs by the way, have higher gauge wire and pins that makes them a good choice for high wattage ebike motors such as 1500w.

    There are many other connector types from different manufacturers but we believe that above mentioned connector types will give you a general idea about ebike connectors and will help you to choose the right one for your electric bike.

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